Langshan Chicken

The Langshan is a rather old breed of domesticated fowl native to China. They were originally used for both their meat and their eggs, but are today primarily an ornamental bird.

The Langshan is a friendly, docile animal. They are hardy animals and are valued not only for their attractive appearance but also for their meat and egg production.

A moderately sized animal, the Langshan is somewhat smaller than the Cochin. It is quite similar to the Cochin in other ways. For example, the Langshan, like the Cochin, has feathers on its feet and legs, although this plumage is not as abundant as that of the Cochin. The Langshan cock has a very large, long, well-spread tail that can be as long as seventeen inches.

Langshan-ChickenThey have rather long legs that make them appear larger than they actually are. The Langshan has a single comb. Langshans appear in a variety of colors, the most common of which is black, blue and white. The black variety often appears to have a green sheen to its feathers.

The Langshan was developed in the Langshan district of China, north of the Yangtze River. They are believed to be a purebred breed of domesticated poultry. Langshans became quite popular upon their introduction into England in 1872, when they were imported by Major Croad. The first Langshans in the United States were imported in 1883, after which they enjoyed great popularity there as well. The Langshan breed has long been popular as a friendly, beautiful ornamental fowl.

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